Business Support Plan

This is your opportunity to have an IT department without investing in infrastructure and manpower! Lloyd experts are adept at dealing with complex issues arising in networked PCs and other difficulties that occur for small business owners daily. Just place us a call and get a fast resolution for your problems because we understand that resources enable a business. Fix the hines and speed up your business for 399$ a year.


  1. 3 Computers covered under this Plan.
  2. Support for 1 year only at 399$.
  3. Unlimited number of resolutions. You can call for unlimited issues.
  4. A Premium "Concierge Service" is available with this plan which entitles you to get Utility Softwares free of charge.
  5. This is a periodic maintenance plan, where-in we will perform regular PC optimization as required on your hine.

Scope of Service:

  • Optimize your PCs speed & Performance.
  • Internet set-up and Configuration.
  • Connectivity of peripherals and various devices like Printer, Scanner, Fax etc.
  • Install or set-up a new peripheral (i.e. Printer, Scanner, Fax etc).
  • Diagnose Hardware Issues.
  • Fix Software Errors for applications like Ms Office, Internet Browsers and other Windows softwares.
  • Identify and remove Viruses, Spyware and other Malware.
  • Configure your security software and settings, including Anti-virus/Anti-spyware and Firewall. Repair Driver conflicts.
  • Set-up file and printer sharing over an existing network, including configuring network printers.
  • Configure and create an Email account for Email clients like Outlook, Eudora.
  • Install the latest patches and updates for your operating system.